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The surname ‘Marathe’ is commonly found among Brahmins like ‘Chitpavan’, ‘Saraswat’, ‘Devrukhe’ as well as amongs other castes like ‘Kunbi’s and ‘Maratha’s. This website, however, caters to the maharashtrian ‘Chitpavan’ Brahmins. The surnames ‘chakradev’, ‘Fadnis’, ‘Jaeel’, ‘Joshi’, ‘Khambete’, ‘Ratate’, ‘Vidwans’ are also included under ‘Marathe’s as these people were originally having surname ‘Marathe’ which over a period time changed as a consequence to some happenings. In historic times, during the ‘Peshwa’ rule, some from ‘Marathe’ clan also had designations like ‘Dikshit’, ‘Fadnis’, ‘Upadhye’, ‘Dharmadhikari’, ‘Naik’, ‘Mahajan’, ‘Vyavahare’. As such many have adapted their designations as their surnames over a period of time.

The inscriptions excavated from the archeological sites, refer the individuals with their ‘Gotra’ and ‘Sutra’ and not by the surnames. Though not amongst the ‘Chitpavan’s, but among many other castes of Maharashtra, the surnames have been formed by adding ‘kar’ to the name of the village/place from where the ancestors of these individuals originated e.g. ‘Wadekar’, ‘Tendulkar’, ‘Vengasarkar’, ‘Agarkar’ etc. (such examples are more common among Maharashtrian Cricketers). The castes which were predominantly in Service/profession, have adapted the profession or designations as their surnames e.g. ‘Tambat’ ‘Kumbhar’, ‘Joshi’, ‘Karbhari’, ‘Killedar’, ‘Jakatdar’, ‘Chowkidar’, ‘Chitnavis’ etc.

  Origin of Surnames:  

Marathe: Not much information is available about how the surname came into existence.
Chakradev: An individual from Marathe clan on return from a ‘Yatra’ brought a collection of idols/ symbols of gods with ‘Chakra’. Hence they are being called as ‘Chakradev’.
Jaeel: Two families of ‘Marathe’ and ‘Patankar’ were living in a village. Due to disputes in respective families, they migrated to village ‘Dumdev’ in District ‘Dapoli’. After migration the ‘Marathe’s changed their surname to ‘Jaeel’ and the ‘Patankar’s changed it to ‘Mate’.
Joshi’: One person from ‘Marathe’ clan became a renowned astrologer (Jotishi or Joshi). Thus he adapted the surname ‘Joshi’.
Khambete: Not much information is available about how the surname came into existence.
Ratate: Not much information is available about how the surname came into existence.
Vidwans: One Marathe was very intelligent (Vidwan’ in Sanskrit). So he was referred to as ‘Vidwans’ which became his surname.

  Information of Marathe Kul:  

Gotra:                                        Kapi
Pravar:                                     Angiras
Ved:                                          Rugved
Shakha:                                    Shakal
Sutra:                                       Ashvalayan + Aamhiyav + Urukshayas
Kulaswami:                              Vyadeshwar
Kulaswamini:                           Yogeshwari/ Mahalaxmi
Kulavruttant:                           1945/ 1992
Includes Surnames:                Chakradev, Jaeel, Joshi, Khambete, Ratate, Vidwans
Information known Since:      1700 AD
Average Generations:             Information is available for past 13 to 15 generations.
Original Places of Stay:           Districts of Maharashtra-Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Goa, North Karnataka
Organisation:                           Marathe Pratishthan

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