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  Mahamahopadhyay Datto Waman Potdar had said that a fruitful evaluation of the history of the different clans/ castes which form the population of the country will be instrumental in constructing the history of the nation in a wider sense. Shri. Hari Kruishna Pendse, Pune had published a booklet named ?Kulvruttant ? Margadarshan?, in Marathi. It states that though some other Brahmin Castes, the Marathas and the Prabhus had made some inroads in this direction, at least as far as recording the history of the clan if not the Kulvruttants is concerned, such efforts were lacking on part of other castes like the Chambhars, Vaishyas, and Mahars. The reasons could be many- lack of awareness, understanding the importance or even the intellect and the finances. Had there been such efforts collectively, a wider history of the nation would have been a reality. However, following the footsteps of the Chitpavans, are some other castes who had taken to this task on a notable proportions. The first speaker of the erstwhile Mumbai state (as also the first Loksabha), Shri. G.V alias Dadasaheb Mavalankar, had taken initiative in compilation of the kulvruttant of Sardesai?s by name 'Sardesai Gharanyacha Itihas'. This was the maiden effort among the Karhade Brahmins. The second speaker of the Mumbai state shri. Kundanmal alias Bhausaheb Firodia, in a first such initiative from a Marwadi Jain community, had penned down the 'Firodia Kulvruttant' of the Firodia clan who had migrated to Mumbai from a village named 'Firod' in Rajasthan. It was finally published by his sons 'Navalmal' and 'Hastimal' Firodia by name 'Mi Kundanmal'. A renowned reporter Shri. Baburao Jakkal from Solapur had taken initiative in publishing the 'Jakkal Kulvruttant'. This was the maiden effort from the Telugu speaking 'Padmasali' community from Andhra who had migrated to Maharashtra. The retired managing director of the Janata Shakari Bank Ltd, Pune Shri. H.N. Kunden compiled the 'Kunden Kulvruttant'. Agricultural scientist and retired professor Shri. Anandrao Kautikrao Kolhe compiled the 'Pimprud Kolhe Kulvruttant' which is the maiden effort from the 'Leva Patidar' community represented by the Kolhe clan from the village 'Pimprud' from Khandesh of Northern Maharashtra. 'Amhi Nirgudkar' published by the Building Contractor Shri. Sudhir Nirgudkar, is the first such compilation from the 'Deshstha Brahmins'. Shri Baburao Balaji Ghorpade who was an MLA and president of the Satara Jilha Parishad, has compiled 'Ghorpade Gharanyach Itihas'. Incidently, this Ghorpade clan had established their dominance as rulers upto Mudhol and Sondur in Karnataka and are one of the renowned surnames in the 'Panchkuli' Marathas. It can be seen that projects like this were possible only when some highly placed and financially strong personalities had realized the importance of these projects from sociological and even anthropological angle. Though it cannot be claimed that these Kulvruttants were compiled with meticulous planning or using scientific methods, their importance cannot be diluted considering sheer volume of information needed to be compiled. Actually the need of the hour is to devise some technological and scientific processes in consultations with the economists, psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists to make the Kulvruttants a 'Documentation of the history of the relevant periods', the reading of which would enable the reader to gauge the contemporary social fabric and the financial, behavioral and social structure. The way a census is instrumental in devising a strategy and planning of resources for the country as a whole, a Kulvruttant, in its own might, would be helpful in upliftment of the society which it represents. A close study of various fields like Services, Police, Administrative services, industry, trade, education, various arts and research would reveal very interesting statistics. The 'Sali's and 'Koshti's have seen many revolutionaries as well as artisans, 'Mali's are known as very meticulous in financial matters and very honest and the 'Nhavi's are very shrewd and to the point. It may be possible to relate the behavioral, academic and professional characteristics to the genetic structure of the persons and its variation from caste to caste. May be a systematic and scientific study of the kulvruttants would lead to such anthropological revolution. A list of other Chitpavan surnames who have published their Kulvruttants till date and the dates of their publication are listed under Chitpavan> Gotre and Surnames: (Courtsey: chitpavan.net) They can be viewed sorted either on surname or on year of publication. ..... Based on an article in the 'Godbole Kulvruttant' by Varunraj Chintamani Bhide.  
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