Karyakarini Meeting: Feb 2015  

The meeting of the Karyakarini of the Pratishthan was held on 13th February 2015 at the residence of Shri. Ramakant Vidwans, President. The following matters were discussed:

1. Reorganisation of funds: After initiation of the topic in the AGM held on 24th Aug 2014, a decision was taken to merge most of thefunds to have 4 major funds namely a) Corpus Fund, b) Hitguj Fund, c) Educational Aid Fund, d) Medical Aid Fund. It was decided that the identity of various funds which are created out of donations given with specific requests for utilisation for prizes, scholarships,  or aid for educational purposes would be maintained within the broad category of 'Educational Aid Fund'.

2. Utilisation of Aid Funds: The revamping of the funds into 4 major categories would mean that the amount of interest earned on these funds would be available for fulfilling the objectives of the fund. A serious concern were expressed by the members in sharp reduction in the requests for either prizes or aid, both in the fields of education and medicin. It was acknowledged that with the passage of time, the amounts of prizes bear no relevance to the changing financial structure. Thus the members unanimosly agreed over the need for restructuring of prizes. It was felt that this one step would boost the interest of the members in reporting the academic excellance of their wards so that they would be encouraged both psychologically and financially. It was also felt by the members that the present financial position restricts the amounts of aid that can be given under either of the heads 'Educational' and 'Medical'. A senior committee member Shri. Mohan Marathe suggested alternative of providing 'Health Insurance' to the needy. Consequently the following decisions were taken in these matters.  

3. Restructuring of Prizes: A decision was taken to restructure the number and quantum of the prizes to be distributed to the performing children of the members in acknowledgement of their excellent academic performances and as a measure of providing encouragement to them. The revisions in the amounts of prizes is as follows:

4. Providing 'Health Insurance': The committee unanimously decided that ways and means for providing 'Health Insurance' be explored. The format should preferably be that of a 'Group Insurance' and all the memebrs agreed to wrork individually in this direction to explore if such a facility can be provided to atleast 10% of the members within the avilable financial constraints. It was also decided to explore if such a facility would be available by sharing the costs at certain decided proportions between the Pratishthan and the Conerned members whereby the cost impact on both can be moderated.

5.  Measures to increase popularity of Hitguj: The reduction in responses to contents of Hitguj prompted the Karyakarini to give a serious thought of revamping the structure of contents. It was decided to start certain columns dedicated to important topics to attract readership of all sections of the society. Hence some columns on Finance, Banking, Leagal aspects, Matters of interest to the ladies and children will be started in the hitguj. 

6. Website of the pratishthan: The restructuring of the website 'marathepratishthan.org' is in progress. The co-ordinator Shri. Shriniwas Marathe assured the members that after resolving certain issues regarding the 'Data Security' and 'Identity Theft' related to enroling a visitor as the registered user, the website would be functional in the new attire by 1st week of March 2015.